Still crawling. …

Just a quick note today, and really only to mention that I’ve been absorbed again by Crawl, in its 0.7.1 rendition.

I know it’s not a game for everyone, even if it is a game for everything (meaning, just about anything with a console should be able to run it). Thieves are gone now, along with Death Knights, and there are a lot of other changes afoot as well. (As I understand it, the rationale for both of those subtractions was that there wasn’t any strong delineation between those classes and other, similar professions.)

Save yourself the trouble of installing it by using telnet to play; your games are saved automatically and you don’t have to worry about software updates. This might be as close as I get to the cloud. … 😈

5 thoughts on “Still crawling. …

  1. Zoev

    I love crawl, the new update is good because AC is lessened and EV is more powerful.
    I prefer halfling enchanter myself.
    Have you ever beaten it? I can’t get below the 10th level

  2. Calvin

    I still prefer NetHack, Also, I tried the Telnet version on NAO, it seemed to be b0rked all over, and once I got it configured, the arrow keys didn’t do anything so I had to use the trickickier-to-use-without-seeing keypad, and since it’s the terminal version, I had to use ; on almost everything and forget that space was assigned to the inventory screen, so that popped up alot. Not welled versed in NetHack config.

    I prefer playing tiles NetHack myself. I can usually get the the oracle, and die on that level.


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