These are a few projects that evolved over the life of this blog, some of which have become less and less appealing as my own experiences with Linux played out. Since I am personally more interested in Linux as an option for reviving old hardware, many of these are the fruits of efforts to make Ubuntu Linux play nicely on very-low-end machines. Some are just “efforts.” :roll:

I don’t endorse or even suggest mangling Linux to look like Windows — after all, Linux is infinitely more customizable than anything Windows can offer. Making it look like Windows is like making the prom queen wear an old houserobe.

On the other hand, my own perverse curiosity has, over time, yielded a rather striking knockoff of the Windows Classic theme that comes with XP — and it has fooled more than one unsuspecting visitor. So it must be at least a little convincing. …

Early versions of Ubuntu, which is to say before 9.04, were exceedingly slow to start and operate on old hardware. As a result, I collected a long list of tweaks and tips that improved system performance, and dubbed it “Set up Ubuntu for speed.” The final manifestation, which corresponds roughly to the release of Ubuntu 8.10, is here.

Early versions date all the way back to Edgy Eft (and technically, Dapper Drake). A few of these are not particularly useful, since those versions have reached their end-of-life. Most of these were downloadable, in either HTML or Zim format.

Set up Edgy for Speed

Set up Feisty for Speed
HTML | Zim
Set up Gutsy for Speed
HTML | Zim
Set up Hardy for speed
HTML | Zim

Similarly, around the end of 2008, I released a customized version of Ubuntu into the wild. Christened “Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix,” it was intended to use purely GTK1.2 and X-based software on the then-current LTS Ubuntu 8.04. Results were mixed; it’s technically still recent and supported, although I don’t manage it any longer. Feel free to experiment.

11 Responses to “Projects”

  1. 1 araf 2009/10/04 at 1:37 AM

    What about IceBuntu? Where last release to download?

  2. 2 mulenmar 2009/10/04 at 10:01 AM

    If I remember correctly, Canonical changed its mind about allowing the makers of “Icebuntu” to use the trademarked name. Icebuntu was therefore renamed “Spri Linux”.

  3. 3 zoev9 2010/06/06 at 11:38 AM

    have you ever considered releasing an .iso or .img of an Arch/Debian/Buntu of your terminal screen-vs install? Including your favorite packages and lots of configuration done beforehand so we the newbies can tinker around and learn?

  4. 10 cagwait 2011/03/18 at 11:35 PM

    Great blog you have here! Just stumbled upon it. l’m currently using dpup which is a debiann puppy linux derivative. with moc command line player.
    linux is great for bringing old pc’s back to life. Also using thin clients which are often cheaply available on ebay with linux are great for booting off usb econmical to run and quiet in operation.

  1. 1 K.Mandla’s Sandbox 10.07 i486 « Motho ke motho ka botho Trackback on 2010/08/02 at 10:18 AM

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