Your lightbox effect still sucks

Why? I’m glad you asked.

Silly me. What was I thinking? That I might be able to read the labels on the diagram? 🙄

It isn’t bad enough that I have to put up with that crap just to upload a picture to this site. Add to that the fact that it’s overdone, cliché and a waste of bandwidth.

It was passé four years ago, and it’s definitely not new or innovative. It slows things down, gets in the way, makes it difficult to maneuver and as you can see, defeats its own purpose if the screen dimensions don’t accomodate it.

Oh, and if you trap a login in that lightbox effect, I will officially never use your site, your service or your product, ever ever again, for as long as I live. 👿


13 thoughts on “Your lightbox effect still sucks

  1. Steve C

    If you’re looking for a reliable image upload is just a simple html form (select file, press upload).

    kicking together a simple perl/ruby/python script to upload any of your files shouldn’t be hard at all.

    I havn’t known it go down at all in the 8-9 years I’ve been using it.

  2. quigybo

    What’s this ubuntu crud you’re using? 😛

    Slightly more on-topic, yes I loathe those things too, needlessly excessive and a pain to navigate with vimperator. Actually a lot of jQuery just gets in the way.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      > What’s this ubuntu crud you’re using? 😛 Sorry, troubleshooting for a friend. It’s hard to tell what’s happening in a Gnome desktop without a Gnome desktop to prod. 🙄

  3. anon

    Tip: Middle-click an image that would open in a lightbox, and it opens in a new tab instead, sans lightbox. Very handy, but it’s easiest to do on a mouse.

  4. Foz

    Yay. Go Google with your new (*cough*bing*cough*ripoff*cough*) image search with lightbox effects…

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