A companion for the CLI

Now this is something very very cool.

That’s CLICompanion, and probably one of the coolest tools for Xorg-plus-CLI I’ve seen in a while. At least since screen-plus-yakuake.

This is great if you have a lot of console commands, you’re tired of working with a shell history, or you’re trying new applications that need long strings of flags. Or you have a library of favorite commands, or you’re comparing configuration files, or … or … or …

You get the idea. If you like the idea of command-line life, but you prefer a full graphical desktop, this is a good starting point.

If you’re new to console commands, this will give you a two-click library to run them from, plus a gaggle of tabbed interfaces to experiment with.

It’s not purist, you’re not taking much of a stand for minimalism and it’s not going to win you any geek points from the office IT staff. Those guys and girls will always know more than you, and they won’t let you forget it. :twisted:

But it’s ridiculous fun, easy as pie to manage and doesn’t require much more effort beyond point-and-click to get started.

Get to work importing your library of favorite commands. This will probably make them a little more fun again. Or at least give you another tool in your ascension to text-only Nirvana. :D

P.S.: That’s the AUR version, which seems to hide the executable in an odd place — /usr/share/applications/clicompanion/clicompanion. Or at least it was odd for me. I believe there is an Ubuntu version; no hints on where that executable is. :)

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6 Responses to “A companion for the CLI”

  1. 1 Zac 2010/12/18 at 7:02 PM


    The only valid excuse note to use windows is that you are at workplace…:)

  2. 3 Jose Catre-Vandis 2010/12/18 at 10:06 PM

    Great addition to my toolbox.

    Installed under Xubuntu 10.10. You can find the “text” file that holds all the commands in ~/clicompanion2. You’ll want to save that out if you upgrade/ move systems around.

    The base file that initially holds all the is in /etc/clicompanion.d/clicompanion2.config

    Also it might be quicker to migrate your cli command lists by working with this file instead of adding each one using the gui!

    Oh, the executable is in a system wide location :)

  3. 5 anon 2010/12/19 at 12:16 AM

    What is this junk… has nobody ever heard of _man_ ?
    Using these clicky dialog tools doesn’t teach you anything… if anyone is interested in learning anything on the shell:

    $ man man


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