Goodbye, Lowarch

The time has come to say goodbye. For almost two years now I’ve seeded the Lowarch ISO and made it available for download either via bittorrent or from a free hosting site.

But now it’s something like three years old, really. Even hasn’t seen an update in more than a year, and holding on to an ISO that predates that by two years is almost silly.

Good times were had, but they are done now. There are still Pentium-era machines out there in serviceable condition, but there’s no need to clutch to that ISO as if it were some sort of crucial tool.

From where I stand though, there are still some options for 586-based machines, to include Debian and (almost) anything Debian-based, Slitaz, and of course ground-level distros like Crux, Gentoo or Linux From Scratch.

With that many solid, reliable and active options out in the wild, there’s no reason to carry a torch. Cheers and salud. šŸ™„


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Lowarch

  1. imgx64

    Three years old only? Microsoft could learn a lesson or two from you *cough*XP is still being sold*cough*. šŸ™„

  2. Glenn Becker

    I would include Slackware in the list of options for i586. One can quite happily leave out everything KDE-related, and more, in a Slack install and go quite minimal.

  3. billy the blog reader

    why isn’t there a ISO like crux (but archlike with a real pkg manager) for i586 cpu’s being maintained?, why is it always i386 or i686?

      1. billy the blog reader

        yeah, when will big distros (i’m pointing at you ubuntu) realise that they’re going down the same route as windows did (i’d say right now (pre 10.10) they’re at the XP SP2/almost to vista stage

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