You secretly love the command line, don’t you?

It’s as plain as day. I profess no special powers or magical ability to read thoughts. I am not a circus performer or a side-alley psychic. It’s just blatantly obvious.




Gnome’s Alt+F2

The funny part is, if I get up close to the screen and squint really, really hard, those all look remarkably like. …

Yep, I’m sure of it. You secretly love the command line, don’t you? 😈

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18 thoughts on “You secretly love the command line, don’t you?

  1. Greg

    Do not be ridiculous sir. I am not a computer genius nor do I have time to learn such an archaic method of computing. I just want to be able to type a program name and have it come up.


  2. ulrik

    Yeah, it’s similar.

    By the way: this blog post illustrates what the new gnome icon theme (2.30) has done to launchers. Look at Do and Kupfer: the execute icon is low-res. The new icon theme is nice in its corners and all, but at the same time many icons are suddenly only available at lower res.

    1. TheGZeus

      Actually, H Dee, the command line is the interaction method, and with normal PC hardware you have VTTY(Virtual Teletype) and under X there are various Terminal Emulators.
      Most of them emulate at least the VT100 to some degree.

      I’m not trying to be a heel, I’ve been corrected in this way, as well. It’s good to know you’re 100% right, not just think it to be so.

  3. fuxter

    wow! your blog is the last place i would expect to see Humble Bumble Whatever on!
    i bow to you, sir!

  4. tonybaldwin

    I use grun, myself.
    I press Alt+p to bring up grun (this is the keybinding to run stuff that I got used to in in wmii, dwm, and other wms.)
    Of course, most of my apps I can bring up with a keybinding without using grun.
    That’s one of the things I dig about ob. So easy to add keybindings in the rc.xml file.
    Ctrl+b brings up my browser (google-chrome).
    Ctrl+e brings up my favorite editor (tcltext).
    Ctrl+0 = oowriter.
    Ctrl+r = roxterm (preferred terminal), and Ctrl+t = xterm.
    etc., ad infinitum.

    That said, I DO love the command line, and always have a terminal or two open. It’s just so easy to pop Alt+p and type a name, or whatever keybinding I have programmed in for specific apps.

  5. ing

    Ok I confess it. The funny thing is; the number one application that I launch with kupfer is gnome terminal.

  6. Nobody Important

    I bought the Humble Bundle a couple of days ago, and I’ve been throwing notice of it everywhere I go. I have yet to download the games, but I will eventually.

    I love the command line. I’d use it more if I had a working Linux install. Consider this sentence a placeholder for swear-filled complaining about Vista’s awful trappings!

  7. sertse

    Ahh but you see, a run app closes itself after launching the app, a terminal doesn’t.

    That makes all the difference 😛

  8. ulrik

    I thought kupfer loved the command line. You can use ‘kupfer FILE’ from the command line to put a file in kupfer’s window. And it recently gained the ability to run programs and catch it’s output, so that you can do further actions on that (copy, make note, etc).

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  10. foo

    Is it only me or is Gnome featuring more than usual in your blog recently?

    That X60s is definitely corrupting you. Bring back the old K.mandla! >:|

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  12. Cian

    XMonad has the scratchpad, which is pretty sweet. Press a hotkey to bring up a full terminal, press it again to make it disappear. With that and dmenu I pretty much have it covered.

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