Elmo is back

I’m always intrigued when I can see that a project has a new owner. And so in the same way I was excited when I saw that axel had a new leader, I am happy to see that someone has picked up the elmo project.

I tinkered with elmo earlier this year, although I never got it fully working against the four web-based e-mail accounts I have. It’s a shame, because while alpine is a perfectly good e-mail reader, there’s never anything wrong with trying something new.

My most recent attempts to build it, however, have met with segmentation faults in both Arch and Crux, which tells me that there is some sort of inconsistency between the freshest code, which was released in August 2004, and … and … something else. Earlier versions will build and run, but only under a blank, default configuration. Once I give it the connection information, it crashes again. It’s strange.

So I hope elmo — the project, that is — makes some strides under the new management. There are other e-mail alternatives that work — mutt, or alpine to name the two biggest I know — but more options are always good. It’s all about freedom. 😉


3 thoughts on “Elmo is back

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