SCIM, Kazehakase and WebKit

I dropped back from Crux Linux on the Celeron yesterday, and reinstalled Arch Linux. The abbreviated reason for that is that I wanted to make sure I had wireless access and proper SCIM behavior, as I will need this machine at work in the next few days.

The long answer is that, no matter how I attacked my weird font problem with SCIM, it wasn’t playing along. I’ll have to pause for a little while and rethink things, but I have a feeling that a new reinstallation with the parts built in a different order might help me solve it.

I also wanted to move that machine to wireless, and Arch is working better for me with a wireless connection than Crux was. For some reason, I can compile the proper modules for my ancient Linksys WPC11 wireless card, but Crux couldn’t attach a name to it. That’s probably something I did wrong, but didn’t figure out (okay, I admit it: I didn’t try very hard to solve it).

Either way, I have more experience with Arch and can get those things going a lot quicker, and the only real inconvenience is a start time that’s 10-12 seconds longer. I know, I know. I’m such a speed freak. I should be thankful my 550Mhz Celeron starts in 28 seconds. I know Gnome users who don’t have a machine that starts that fast. In fact, my Ubuntu system is one. 😕

In similar news of my personal failures, Kazehakase and WebKit are still not playing along for me, in spite of WebKit’s sudden friendliness and willingness to compile. Last time I tried it, the problem had reversed itself, and Kazehakase was suddenly crashing when compiling. I noticed the bump to 0.5.4 recently, so that might be involved. Regardless, when I did get it to compile, Kazehakase couldn’t sense webkit-svn, even when I tried to hard-wire the variables in the configuration files to allow for it.

But I’m such a rank amateur when it comes to that stuff, all I probably did was put a few hash marks in the wrong places, and confuse it completely. Oh well. You never know what you might learn from something like that.

And that’s my philosophy — keep breaking it until you’ve learned something.


1 thought on “SCIM, Kazehakase and WebKit

  1. boromil

    try webkitgtk-nightly (build 31667); it installs in a different directory and kazehakase, somehow, “sees” it


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