More vaguely unattached ideas

Once again I seem to have collected a few small notes and links that would do better lumped together, rather than alone.

  • In the way of updates, I should mention that the Tamsyn font I learned about a month ago has been updated to include line drawing symbols, which makes it much more attractive in text-based user interfaces.

    That’s 7×14 and very clean. Even 6×11 is very readable, and the way that looks, I might have to feed it into my Debian systems. I could use a little vacation from Terminus. 😉

  • Also from the font department: I regularly use a Japanese keyboard but rarely go through the hoops to set up multilingual characters or international fonts beyond what is default in Xorg. To that end, there’s a very good series of posts at Chip’s Tips on getting urxvt to show CJK and other letter sets. And if that’s not enough, the Gentoo archives wiki page on UTF-8 is very helpful.
  • The Mebius has been updated to Crux 2.7, which is only important because I had held off for so long on making the jump. Directly updating from the Crux 2.7-i586 ISO was easy, but still needed two or three packages recompiled — most notably imlib2 and anything that required openssl (think: elinks beta, alpine, etc.). In any case, I put that off for far too long.
  • I got a note from Brandon about an HP Pavilion laptop with a Trident-brand graphics card in it, that has some horrific wrapping effects when using the framebuffer.

    I have seen this on my Trident-based machines that can work with the framebuffer module, but I usually only lost one pixel — not entire rows of characters. If anyone knows how to tweak the framebuffer module to push those things back around to their proper side, both Brandon and I would be thankful.

  • Similarly, Jose Catre-Vandis sent along a link about setting up jinamp to play music for a party — shuffled playback only, with no intervention required. I was a little surprised, since my own run-in with jinamp a long time ago was very superficial and not much to my interest. A tool for every job though, and this time it sounds like jinamp was exactly what was needed. And one small +1 for the wiki.
  • Lastly, I mention this not as a console game, but as a game that will make you feel like you’re at the console.

    That’s asciiportal, which definitely isn’t The Orange Box, but will remind you of it, if you know it. It’ll take a little more in the way of resources to run asciiportal than, for example, robot finds kitten, but that’s not a good reason not to try it out. For a little while at least. 😉

I think that’s about it for now. 🙂


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