Dapper to Hardy fails me

Mostly out of curiosity, but also for a change of pace, I installed Ubuntu 6.06.1 on the Pavilion and tried to jump straight to 8.04.

It … didn’t work quite right. I got a lot of damaged packages and aptitude couldn’t resolve a lot of dependencies. A couple of dpkg -a commands, a couple of apt-get install -f commands, and still things were generally fractured.

When I finally got back a terminal prompt that didn’t follow an error message of some kind, I rebooted and was left at a terminal prompt, with no GUI and some crazy bash messages.

Oh well. It was fun for a little bit. I do like to see things break. Except I really wanted it to work this time. I was hoping that a leap between LTS releases would go smooth.

It was nice to see Dapper again though. I haven’t installed that version since … since Edgy was released, I guess. It has a much more definite “presence” than I remembered. There were a few things I was accustomed to that weren’t there, but otherwise, it all worked (except for the proprietary ATI driver, and the wireless card, of course 😉 ). For a little while. 😈

I don’t think anyone is to blame for a failed upgrade that tries to leapfrog over two years of software updates, but I don’t know if anyone else making the same jump would be successful. As always, a clean install is my suggestion.

P.S.: By the way, I just realized that the title of this post doesn’t read quite right. I mean “fails me” like “I can’t quite understand this,” as in, “This calculus problem fails me.” I don’t want to infer Linux has let me down, as someone quite slyfully mentioned in a quick e-mail. That would be somewhat hypocritical for me to say. 😉


8 thoughts on “Dapper to Hardy fails me

  1. oneperson

    Dapper isn’t meant to upgrade to Hardy quite yet – the upgrade is intended to be from 6.06.1 -> 8.04.1 (when it is released), I think.

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    @andrewsomething: Nuts, I should have thought to keep the logs. I’ll try it again in the next couple of days, and if it fails again, I’ll definitely try to supply some information. I usually blame myself when things like this don’t go as suspected.

    @oneperson: I’ll keep that in mind if I try to duplicate the same errors. I’ll also make sure I strictly follow any LTS-to-LTS upgrade instructions I find.

  3. johnraff

    btw since when have releases had a number after the month?
    (ie 6.06.something)

    Is there a terminal command to show what sub-version you’re on?

  4. andrewsomething


    Only the LTSs get point releases. Hardy’s is already scheduled (I can’t recall the date) so as to pick up the Gnome point release and FF3 Final ect…

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  6. chris

    I did an upgrade from dapper to hardy on a pent mmx, it was my first real foray into the world of linux so i had no clue what i was doing… i’d installed a dapper server, i wanted to try out a web browser called “netsurf” and to do this i summised i would add all the hardy repos to the source list and go the sudo update && upgrade . from memory i got lots of error codes (and work arounds i found on the net) the most memorable was ncurses and fdutils there was a reaccuring problem with those packages though oneday an update did something that seemingly fixed it. netsurf didn’t seem to work properly but the switch to hardy updated x window-system-core to xorg which seemed to fix a heap of things, still the end result was a pretty disfunctional and peculiar OS. i still have the hard drive in the drawer of my desk oneday i’ll revisit and see if i can fix it up.


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