Cleaning up after Kazehakase

I really love Kazehakase: It’s light, it’s fast, it’s clean and it does things that Firefox hasn’t thought of yet, or maybe needs a plugin to do (like a Tab Tree rather than just a list of active tabs, or a thumbnailed history of closed pages).

It does have some shortcomings, though. For one thing, the version I’m using (0.3.8 in Edgy) is a bit sloppy when it comes to cleaning up after itself. I don’t like leftover caches, or an item history in the drop-down URL bar. And I resent leftover cookies. I want each browser session to start clean and fresh.

I couldn’t find options to clear those items on exit, although it’s possible that the Feisty version (0.4.2, I believe) will have those in place. In the meantime, I’ve resorted to a bash script. Here’s what it looks like.

rm ~/.kazehakase/mozilla/kazehakase/cookies.txt
rm ~/.kazehakase/mozilla/kazehakase/Cache/*
cp ~/.kazehakase/kzrc.orig ~/.kazehakase/kzrc

In other words, start Kazehakase as usual, then when finished, delete the cookies file, anything cached and then restore a fresh kzrc. I keep a kzrc.orig with no leftover history (under [LocationEntry] inside kzrc), and just overwrite the one Kazehakase makes when it closes.

You could even preset kzrc.orig to hold some of the URLs you actually want in the address bar history. When you start Kazehakase, those URLs would be in the history already, but nothing from your last session would be. Mmm, that fresh, clean feeling.

For me it’s a particularly easy thing to trigger that bash script, since I just point the Openbox menu at the script and everything behaves as usual. I’m sure it’s as simple under other desktop environments or with different window managers.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning up after Kazehakase

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  3. Aleyscha

    hi! greeeeeat thing you add to kazehakase 😛 it’s the only thing i miss from firefox apart from the rss feeds i have in it… but i change your script the kazehakase line to the end, to clean and then enter…

    Arch Linux Rulez 😛

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  5. Devoto

    Thanks for share this!
    sorry for my english, i speak spanish xD

    Ok, gracias por compartir este script, recientemente me mude a iceWM y al mundo de las consolas, pero desafortunadamente no encontraba un navegador que me convenciera, hasta que di con Kazehakase.
    Así que esta información es valiosa, irás al cielo xD

    Have a good day!

    Debian @ rocks !! 😀


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