These are links to some howtos, working cases and instructions for things I’ve put on this site. Since this blog was originally intended as a way of reminding myself of things I had done in the past, a lot of the howtos and tutorials are buried in the archives. This page should make it easier to find them, and to remember what’s available.

This isn’t really a best-of album — it’s more of an index for my own convenience, and for anyone else who wants it. If you think something is missing from here, tack on a comment and I’ll move it in. But if the list seems rather random … well, that’s because these are mostly things I always seem to be looking for.

Because a lot of these will apply to more than one distro, they’re listed in reverse chronological order. Unless it’s specific to Ubuntu, or Arch, or another version of Linux, feel free to try the things you see here on any *nix system.

The geeky details: Clock and weather map
Adding the modification time to the beginning of a file name
Note to self: Grub2 at 800×600
Quick tip: An OCPD screenshot command
Just for fun: A three-part home media system
How to finally say goodbye
My Photos screensaver for the console
Emulators, image files and installation voodoo
The sub-$100 mighty mongrel machine
Howto: Find an old computer
More reasons to learn from old computers
Howto: Switch to a console lifestyle
Three steps to instant cool
Weird science: mc, without tty
Lookalike Windows XP Classic
My dumbest trick yet
How to use teapot like a pro
Configuring an ultralight 2.6.34 kernel
Module parameters from rc.conf in Arch
binclock and a screensaver script
fbterm: Birth of the cool for the console
Quicker framebuffer scrolling
Origami class: Fun with screen-vs
Manual fan control with /proc/acpi
Improving the mocp status screensaver
Install Neverwinter Nights in Ubuntu
Build a lighter Gnome in Ubuntu
Build a lightweight graphical system in Ubuntu
Set up a keyboard layout for Xorg
Installing Crux Linux on a Thinkpad X60s
Change Metacity button location in Ubuntu
Reset a password in Ubuntu
Random page links for
Transferring the Crux ISO to USB
A primitive command-line ogg tag editor
Using dd to blank a drive
A simple batch encryption loop
Rounding out a terminal-based Debian system
Convert audio files recursively
Custom keyboard commands for the console
Using figlet for a console screensaver
No-hassle file encryption with gnupg
Howto: rsync a system between drives
Howto: Desktop “widgets” for the console
Howto: Install a console-only Slitaz system
An X for every application
Changing alpine’s default mail folder
User-agent swap boosts elinks speed
MPlayer for the framebuffer only
Installing Crux 2.6 via ssh
Painting with cadubi
Looking for one-line solutions
Solving eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3 eth4 …
Howto: Pick out an old computer
Stale NFS file handle errors
Using dmenu with xft fonts
Reducing memory use with urxvtd and urxvtc
Noteworthy Linux console fonts
iDesk completes the look
Alsaequal scratches the itch
Proper word-wrapping in vim
Cleaning up is hard to do
Note to self: Setting locales
The coolest tools in the box
Dumping a screensaver to a text file
Random screensavers for the console
clear >> /etc/issue
On the menu
Howto: Patch and set up screen-vs
Fixing alpine’s TCP timeouts
At long last, a console screensaver
Set up new hardware, quick and easy
Using ntp for date correction
Three reasons to buy an old computer
screen and dvtm and screen and dvtm and
A few scripts and aliases
dvtm rocks my fscks
One week at 100Mhz: I found a desk
The height of arrogance
Correcting a long-running error
The most annoying Firefox thing
Case in point: Charm at 100Mhz 16Mb
Case in point: A Crux ports server at 100Mhz 16Mb
Case in point: rtorrent slave at 100Mhz 16Mb 810Mb
Howto: Use Charm like a pro
rsync and emelfm2
Clock skew detected
There is no uninstall
fttps: A command-line download manager
Option “BackingStore”
Believe it or not, up-to-date Arch on an i586
Howto: Use Wordgrinder like a pro
Compiling Nvidia driver 96.43.09 on Intrepid 2.6.27-7
Ten reasons not to buy a new computer
Build software updates in Ubuntu
Making feh work for you
More fun X-based stuff
More fun GTK1.2-based stuff
MPlayer and Openbox
Shut up and build
Case in point: An rtorrent slave setup
Howto: Use xplanet for a desktop weather map
NFS file transfers from the Crux live CD
16-second boot on 550Mhz Celeron with Crux
Wireless networking from the Crux live CD
Build a better dual boot
Set up Hardy for speed
Vectorize images in Inkscape
Install cplay for the XO
Default the XO’s GMail Activity to Basic HTML
More Firefox subtleties
Beat Firefox’s UI fonts into submission
More fun with Kazehakase
Accelerate Ubuntu upgrades with an ISO
Still better font smoothing
File a bug report on Launchpad
Still compiling, and still learning
Ask for (and get) help on the forums
Once more, for old time’s sake
Toward a better C64 terminal
Convert a K6-2 to a C64
Build a functional Lowarch system
Joe does Tango
Shut down Linux from the Openbox right-click menu
Compile JWM 2.01 on Ubuntu 7.10
Set up Gutsy for speed
A clearlooks popsquares desktop
Derail the Linux juggernaut
Blacklist your PC speaker
Things to do with an old computer
Kazehakase on steroids
The coolness that is Arch Linux
Arch modules (and applications) for an Inspiron 8000
Leave Ubuntu
Mkinitcpio without ide-legacy setup
Tile windows in Openbox
Download packages and dependencies for offline installation
More terminal programs you should be using like a pro
Troubleshoot Nvidia drivers with the Ubuntu 7.04 desktop CD
Howto: Use Oleo like … a pro?
Howto: Use elinks like a pro
Howto: Use rtorrent like a pro
Howto: Use cplay like a pro
Browse and set your wallpaper in Openbox with feh
Stash your cache
Set up Feisty for speed
Taking out the trash with debfoster
Feisty Openbox on 1Ghz Pentium III, start to finish
Delete undeletable files in Windows XP
Compile the 8776 Nvidia driver on Feisty 2.6.20-xx
Cleaning up after Kazehakase
Compile MaCoPiX 1.4.1 under Edgy
Ten things you can do to keep an old computer useful
Mounting without sudo
Ubuntu Lite on Feisty
Mounting in parallel
Kernel ideX=noprobe flags
Clipping udevsettle
gPerfection, gPerfection2 and oPerfection
xscreensaver as wallpaper
Yes Virginia, you can run Beryl alone
xcompmgr, transset-df and 3ddesktop
Transparencies with xcompmgr in Openbox
Binding transparency to the mouse wheel in Openbox
A phony-baloney Gnome desktop
Note to self: Wireless configuration
Fewer modules, but no speed gain
Booting even faster with mkinitcpio
Since I mentioned it: Autologin in Arch
A guilty hack: ‘Wait’ to ‘once’ in inittab
Avoiding autoloading
Some cpufreq and speedstep lessons
Install GAG on a dual boot Windows-Ubuntu box
Install GAG on a default Ubuntu box
Font smoothing on minimal setups
Going blank: Life without xscreensaver
Install FVWM-Crystal 3.0.4 on Edgy
Note to self: Don’t forget CursorShadow
Float your conky
PyPanel fix for Edgy
Ralink RT61, Edgy and Nvidia … again
Edgy package search
Set up Edgy for speed
Edgy sans inittab
Install IceWeasel in Ubuntu
Getting 6.06.1 on 120Mhz Pentium 1.5Gb 48Mb
Speed week, the finale

18 Responses to “Howtos”

  1. 1 jamu 2007/07/18 at 6:55 AM


    I need one help. How can I edit winxp registry using some liveCd? (I dont have admin rights)
    And is there anyway I can delete all my user account traces (network access log, firewall log and file access log if any) from win xp using a linux liveCD?
    Please help.

  2. 2 Doomi 2007/10/09 at 2:36 AM

    What about mutt?

  3. 3 Doomi 2007/10/09 at 2:39 AM

    sorry, I missed “More terminal programs…”

  4. 4 Matthew 2007/12/01 at 3:47 AM

    question… how are you with wireless cards???

    i am trying to get wpa_supplicant to work on a broadcom based card under Kubuntu Gutsy… any thoughts? google is turning up a bunch of nothing… i get pages like… in Ubuntu you do this, but Kubuntu user, this won’t work for you…



  5. 5 K.Mandla 2007/12/01 at 10:35 PM

    That’s strange. I wonder why Kubuntu wouldn’t work over Ubuntu? Have you tried any of the howtos on the forums?

  6. 6 Jose Catre-Vandis 2010/10/04 at 7:15 AM

    Hi KMandla

    Any chance of a howto on setting up an Ubuntu 10.04 (grub2) CLI system with framebuffer support?

  7. 10 sanjay 2012/08/15 at 1:01 AM

    with referenece to your excellent howto: use elinks like a pro.
    I am trying to install Arch. presently the download has only option of barebone netinstall which does not have any browser. I need to connect to internet to install Arch base
    Now i have dial up ethernet internet connection where i have to open a web browser and type and log in page of ‘Tikona broadband’ opens up, where i have to fill up user name and password. When i use ‘Elinks′ all i get is ‘web page is being loaded’ remark on top of screen and it does not get any further.
    Can you pls help me and tell me what is wrong?

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