Arch madness

What is this — Ubuntu? Something is going on here. I must have made a mistake somewhere.

Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for inter-conflicts...

Targets (66): libdrm-2.4.25-1  libgl-7.10.2-2  ati-dri-7.10.2-2
              eventlog-0.2.12-2  filesystem-2011.04-1  fixesproto-5.0-1
              intel-dri-7.10.2-2  libtasn1-2.9-1  libtiff-3.9.5-1
              libxfixes-5.0-1  mach64-dri-7.10.2-2  mesa-7.10.2-2
              mga-dri-7.10.2-2  ncurses-5.9-1  r128-dri-7.10.2-2
              savage-dri-7.10.2-2  sis-dri-7.10.2-2  sudo-1.8.1-1
              tdfx-dri-7.10.2-2  xf86-input-acecad-1.4.99_git20110318-1
              xf86-input-aiptek-1.3.99_git20110318-1  xf86-input-evdev-2.6.0-3
              xf86-input-keyboard-1.6.0-2  xf86-input-mouse-1.7.0-2
              xf86-input-synaptics-1.4.0-2  xf86-input-vmmouse-12.7.0-2
              xf86-input-void-  xf86-video-apm-1.2.3-3
              xf86-video-ark-0.7.3-3  xf86-video-ast-0.91.10-3
              xf86-video-ati-6.14.1-1  xf86-video-chips-1.2.4-2 
	      xf86-video-cirrus-1.3.2-6  xf86-video-dummy-0.3.4-4
              xf86-video-fbdev-0.4.2-4  xf86-video-geode-2.11.12-3
              xf86-video-glint-1.2.5-2  xf86-video-i128-1.3.4-3
              xf86-video-i740-1.3.2-6  xf86-video-intel-2.14.903-1
              xf86-video-mach64-6.8.2-6  xf86-video-mga-1.4.13-3
              xf86-video-neomagic-1.2.5-4  xf86-video-nv-2.1.18-3
              xf86-video-r128-6.8.1-6  xf86-video-rendition-4.2.4-4
              xf86-video-s3-0.6.3-5  xf86-video-s3virge-1.10.4-5
              xf86-video-savage-2.3.2-2  xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.5-2
              xf86-video-sis-0.10.3-4  xf86-video-sisusb-0.9.4-4
              xf86-video-tdfx-1.4.3-6  xf86-video-trident-1.3.4-4
              xf86-video-tseng-1.2.4-4  xf86-video-v4l-0.2.0-8
              xf86-video-vmware-11.0.3-3  xf86-video-voodoo-1.2.4-4
              xf86-video-xgi-1.6.0-3  xf86-video-xgixp-1.8.0-3
              xkeyboard-config-2.2.1-1  xorg-server-common-
              xorg-server-  xvidcore-1.3.1-1  xz-5.0.2-1

Total Download Size:    15.68 MB
Total Installed Size:   80.15 MB

I am going to need to scope out the Arch Forums and figure out why I suddenly have software installed for almost all the video hardware ever created. On a laptop. With Intel graphics. 😐

I can’t ever remember, in the five years or so that I’ve used Arch Linux, getting as much unnecessary crud as that in an update. I must be dreaming. …


12 thoughts on “Arch madness

  1. Alessandro

    This is very weird. The only ones “xf86” which I have installed in my system are xf86-input-synaptics and xf86-video-vesa. Do you have the group “xorg-drivers” installed?

  2. anon

    Total Download Size: 15.68 MB

    Unless your running arch from a 300mb Sd card, isnt that much of an issue is it?

    Those drivers all lie dormant unless you actually have the hardware anyway.

    Your getting all of those “drivers” at once because xorg 1.10 went into the official repos, and you must have installed the whole “xorg” group package when you first installed it.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      That’s probably what it is. I built this system a long time ago, and probably used xorg. I know it’s not a big difference; it’s just disappointing on principle. One of the reasons I originally tried Arch, years ago, was because it kept out the unwanted and unneeded. This just strikes me as a step away from that. No harm done though.

      1. Stephane

        I think the anonymous person is right: you installed the meta-package with all the drivers instead of just xf86-video-intel.

        Or, some clumsy arse like myself screwed up the xf86-video-intel package, but it’s hard to imagine clumsy arses like me actually get to maintain packages 🙂

  3. Doug

    I got a similar result when I updated from the ArchBang defaults after installation.

    ArchBang is lovely. Most of the benefits of a finely tuned Arch system but with far less configuration work. Quite zippy on a Celeron 2.2 GHz. About as polished as CrunchBang on Debian, which is a high complement.

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  5. Cian

    The group’s thing is quite useful for certain things. For example I use the Latex groups, as if a new package is added I don’t need to know about it, its just installed. Installing all the X drivers on the other hand…

  6. Kevin

    I tried installing a new Arch system today, only to be surprised by this. I had no clue the Xorg group included the drivers. Seems it would be better to have a separate group for drivers instead of putting all that with Xorg…

  7. persea

    anon person, it’s not just the size issue that’s the problem – though that is a problem for those of us on tiny plug devices with only 500mb to spare. Nor is it just a problem of the engineers need for elegant minimalism. One of the big problems I have on slower machines is that when there are thousands of dependencies installed, pacman really struggles, locking up the machine for a minute or so while it sorts itself out. Not that big a deal you say, but for those of us who update every day we have to sit and twiddle our thumbs for thirty seconds, which adds resistance to the update process as a whole. The problem is just the massive bloat of X11 itself. It’s the worst part of the linux world IMO – though obviously one has to give massive credit to the work done on it over the years, but it’s the one part of linux systems I really hate dealing with. It’s just never satisfying. Configuration is baroque at best and a total mess at worst. I only keep it on my desktop box because half the sites on the web insist on you having a full browser just to perform even the most basic of tasks…..but that’s a separate rant…..

  8. Cristhyano

    Why you don’t go for gentoo if you want minimal and customized packages?
    I run it for years and i have very little things installed.
    The only package that has a lot of dependencies is xorg, but not that lot. The video is just the nvidia driver.

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