jnettop: Another network monitor?! Why not?

I only have a few minutes today, and so I’ll just tack down one more network monitor I scrounged up the other day. This is jnettop.

It would be unfair of me to make light of jnettop for being one in a long list of network monitors for the console.

After all, I don’t know who was first and who followed who, and it may be that jnettop can trace its history back into the early days of network monitoring.

Be that as it may, there are a lot of options out there for network monitors, and jnettop is just one of them.

When I finally break down and acknowledge the overwhelming obviousness (and need, although I dread saying that) of a CLI-app-a-day blog, one whole month will be devoted just to network monitors.

All the same, I won’t make a recommendation for, or slur against jnettop, since it does much the same job as its brethren, but displays the information in a slightly different arrangement.

Like many things in life, you’ll have to examine this one and weigh it on its merits, and then decide if you’ll use it over the others. Beware, the list is long. … 😯

3 thoughts on “jnettop: Another network monitor?! Why not?

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