Oddly enough, ‘Five gets it right

I just realized something odd: I have a drive that is occasionally reported at the wrong size — it’s a 120Gb drive, one that fell out of the sky on me, years ago.

Sometimes operating systems, to include Linux, report it at only 40Gb. Arch does that, and so does Debian 6.

But not Debian 5. El cinco reports it at its full dimensions, and will partition it normally.

I wonder why that is. 😐

9 thoughts on “Oddly enough, ‘Five gets it right

  1. Frostyfrog

    I’ve been following for quite a while and this will be my first comment. Yay! =D

    Anyways, could it be that Debian 5 has a lower version of the kernel (or something low like that). Just a hunch, but that could be the reason.

  2. chris

    no, “la quinta” is the female version of “the fifth”. and it is not “debian fifth”, it is “debian five”, therefore, “debian cinco” is fine.

  3. anon

    My guess was the new IDE drivers of squeeze. FYI, a backports lenny install will actually use the same kernel as squeeze, thus exposing it’s idosyncrancies such as renamed hdxx to sdxx.

    1. imgx64

      Not only that, he also used Gb, which means Gigabit, not Gigabyte.

      To be honest, I rarely use GiB/Gibibyte myself, most people (both non-technical and technical-minded) look at me in a funny way :roll:.

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