The next time I complain

I’m making a note for myself of this, so that the next time I open my big fat mouth and complain about something, I can give myself a nice big slap across the face with a cold, wet fish.

It’s important to remember that the people who build and design these things — the same things I so blithely praise or deride on a daily basis — are just that: people.

Some of them are facing challenges in life that I would quail from. And yet it doesn’t stop them from pursuing their passions and interests.

The fact that they share these things freely, without regard for money or ownership or membership, is amazing in every sense.

The next time I complain or lambaste something for being too this or too that, too sluggish or too fat, too cumbersome or too obtuse … I want to remember Adrian Hands, tapping out a patch with his feet, and savoring the small moment when it was accepted.

A gold smiley for Adrian, wherever you are: 😀


3 thoughts on “The next time I complain

  1. Scott

    Thanks for that reminder! There are a ton of inspiring stories out there if we care enough to look.


  2. darkduck

    People who are doing FOSS are definitely deserve praising. They do things for free which bring them neither money nor nor fame. But they do it because they think this is useful for everyone, not just for pocket of big boss.

  3. Daniel

    Free software and free hardware is ultimately about such wonderful free spirits!

    I am grateful for all the tools that like-minded travellers on this trip have made and given me.


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