Wiki grows, and proves useful

I’ve been poking around with text-based applications for roughly five years now, and I’ve never really felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of them until now.

Much of it comes from working with this wiki, adding the (relative) few that I know of, and can trace to a home page, and have a screenshot of, and can take a few moments to add.

demonicavocado and n2j3 have been helping, adding some of the ones they know, and it’s becoming rather impressive. I’ve already discovered a dozen more that I didn’t know about, and culled out one or two that either don’t work or are untraceable.

But even more embarrassing is the fact that yesterday I linked to a post that was almost as old as this blog, and realized I had already mentioned empire … and had simply forgotten. No wonder it looked familiar. How embarrassing.

Furthermore, I had found another console game there, and failed to remember it too. So in total, I managed to wander back through the same spot I had visited years before, and add to my “workload” on the wiki.

Ah well, I suppose that’s why I started it — as a memory aid. I have a few other ideas for bisecting this site, just based on how the wiki experience has gone.

But those are for later, when I have more time to work with. Ha! I always laugh when I write that. … ๐Ÿ™„


3 thoughts on “Wiki grows, and proves useful

  1. Stephane

    Nice list and excellent initiative.

    While you’re at it, maybe you can consider blogpost as well. It is a python script written by Stuart Rackham (don’t know the guy but if he ever reads this: thanks!) for writing and editing blog (more specifically WordPress) posts from the command line, together with Categories, Tags and the whole Whathaveyou.

    I was looking for something like this, as I find myself often limited to a terminal and vim. I’ve also tried charm, which is also in your wiki but I don’t find a way to store posts as drafts or maybe I just gave up on it too early.

  2. Calvin

    I am that avocado though. Just picked a name I have lingering in my well of nicknames I could use.


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