You know you’re a CLI addict when

Your graphical desktops rely on terminal emulators for mundane tasks.

I show that with a little bit of hesitation. I usually reserve console-based applications for machines that really need it, and graphical ones for machines that can handle it.

Ergo, this one is a straight text-only machine, as is this one and this one. It’s true, the Mebius is doing all of that against X, but in my fabricated little world, I tell myself that it’s the same.

So it feels a little funny to be using the core duo with Openbox and Firefox … alongside htop and mc, all cued up by wbar.

But what can I say? I use mc on every other machine in the house, and it’s just the quickest and most comfortable for me. htop can’t be ignored either, although it has competition.

And if I were using Musca, I wouldn’t think twice about putting those two side-by-side on the same screen. That would just be natural for me.

So maybe I don’t need to rationalize. It does seem that I’ve come full circle in one sense though. Funny how life works. 🙄

16 thoughts on “You know you’re a CLI addict when

    1. CorkyAgain

      Thank you for this!!!

      It’s important not to blur the distinction between a CLI and a TUI.

      In my order of preferences, CLI > TUI > GUI.

  1. nico

    Apart from the shell, qmv (renameutils) is the only program I use for file management inside a terminal. The other 1% of the time I use xfe (slow computer) or dolphin (fast computer)

    qmv + vim + ctrl-v = win

      1. Stephane

        I tried it on Debian testing.
        According to the Debian Wiki (which is maybe a little outdated on this subject) config needs to be in .wmii-3.5, which is where I put my wmiirc that comes with the wmii package at /etc/X11/wmiirc

        However, when I first login, there is a dialog that prompts to select the default modifier key. After this, another folder is created in .wmii with a default config file wmiirc_local, with two lines that define the modifier key.

        Overwriting this file with the content from the default wmiirc results in an bricked wmii session.
        It seems to me that the wmii version that is in the repository is newer or no longer compatible than the config file that is packaged with it.

        I’ve tried to edit the wmiirc_local manually, but as soon as I start playing around with the keyboard shortcuts, it goes to hell. Any idea how I could fix this?

  2. Bryan

    I use a Core2Duo with 4GB of RAM on a daily basis. I also use ncmpcpp, htop, mutt, irssi and vim. They’re the best tools for the job, in my opinion. (Yes. I just extolled VIM. I understand that people may like emacs more. Let’s say they’re on equal footing and move along ;))

    At the end of the day it’s about how you can accomplish a task quickest and with the least amount of errors. My day includes a lot of terminal based programs 🙂

    On a side note – have you ever come across a ThinkPad a20m in your extensive laptop testing? I just placed a bid on one on eBay and I’m hoping that I can win it for a pretty small chunk of change. I’d like to get rid of this netbook (what with that ugly beast of a video card it contains, and all)

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  5. arkhell

    Same here, I have a similar machine as Bryan’s and the only graphical app I use regularly is firefox (vimperator).

    The use of the word ‘addiction’ has made me wonder if it really is true, although I first started to use CLI apps because they were more practical (and cool :P), now I feel really awkward in front of some graphical ones, specially if they depend heavily on the mouse, and after using them for a while I even start having some headache.

    Also, I have always wondered why don’t you use a tiling wm, since you use terminal multiplexers, which are very similar to these.

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    1. Bryan

      Looks like MOC or cmus. One of the comments on that site got it right, though. Why do we need python-gtk2 for an ncurses UI?


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