The results of rigorous testing and research

I have a list a mile long of console applications that deserve attention, I have a shortlist of graphical applications that probably should be noted as well, I have a series of links to pages and lists of applications, I have a wiki I try to maintain myself … and these days my methodology for finding interesting new programs is probably pretty dumb.

Here it is:

See that list on the lower right side? That’s how I found empire, while looking at another game — greed — that I already noted a long time ago. And after empire came zivot, and after zivot, this one.

nettoe, a game so simple and obvious that it’s probably a CS homework assignment. Sure, it’ll play networked games too, which is a plus.

But that’s the way I’m finding new stuff these days — I let Debian packages pluck them out of the sky for me. Pretty lame, huh?

Sometimes they’re winners and sometimes they’re way off track, but I wouldn’t want you to think the stuff you read here wasn’t the result of rigorous testing and research. šŸ™„

2 thoughts on “The results of rigorous testing and research

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