Looking for ‘Life: zivot

I haven’t got much time today, so I can only jot a note as a signpost in a search for something else.

For a while I have been wondering why I couldn’t find a version of Conway’s Game of Life for the console, outside of the demo version packed in teapot or a few semi-eponymous “life” packages intended for graphical worlds.

I did find zivot the other day, but … it’s a little less than I anticipated.

This is more of a frame-by-frame snapshot of each stage, and not so much a full animated version. It seems odd to me that I can’t find something ncurses-based that animates the sequences more gracefully. I must be overlooking it.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with worms. 😀


13 thoughts on “Looking for ‘Life: zivot

  1. Ivica

    Zivot –or Život means life in my country Serbia, it must be some one from here that made this port of the game.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      That’s a real possibility. I couldn’t seem to find a home page for it; I understood it to be quite old and perhaps the original site is lost, or hiding in archive.org.

  2. aash

    Hey if I have 3Gb ram and I want to install a 64bit OS how much space should I allocate for swap?

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    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Cool, thanks. I think I might like that one best so far. It needs a few speed controls though; it’s just a blur on my core duo. 🙂

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