A companion wiki

In between everything else, I’ve been working on transferring a rather large personal wiki to an online host. You can take a look at it here; it’s not quite done yet.

Before you complain about the host, please look at the pages. It should be painfully obvious that my wiki needs were very thin, and so this works just as well for me as any other.

I am doing this mostly to alleviate the burden of keeping track of console-based software that I’ve looked at, over the life of this blog.

Oddly enough, I’m in the same position today as I was five years ago, when I started the site you’re reading now: I had a lot of notes and reminders that I wanted to keep in an organized fashion, in a place I could access remotely.

Only this time I need something more like a reference, instead of a diary. Just a link to the home page and a quick blurb about the program is all I usually need.

So it’s not necessarily comprehensive, and I doubt it ever would be. I’m debating if I want to open it up to everyone, or keep it as a personal resource.

I’m also working on a similar project with a few other people, so this one might remain in this form, as a personal version of that larger effort.

If you skim the site you’ll see that I’ve only worked up through the letter C in my list, so it’s still a work in progress.

I don’t plan to add much more than a link and a blurb; if the home page is one click away, it should have all the information I need.

I might add a screenshot or two if the home page lacks one, but that sounds like a bit of effort. Wouldn’t want that, you know. 🙄


6 thoughts on “A companion wiki

  1. technologyunit

    Simple and to the point I like it. I doesn’t seam to have a directory default WIKI page set for use as a directory but it does work.

    I have been thinking about doing this for my site via a tiddly wiki hosted on dropbox. Very Simple As well. I wouldn’t have a domain such as yours even if yours is part of another project.

  2. cwsnyder

    I know you occasionally look at i486 distributions, and I would like to notify you about the Debian based Spanish distribution GALpon Minino. It can be installed in English or Spanish, but I don’t remember any Japanese translations, comes in either i486 or i686 versions, and I was able to get it working (slowly) as a i686 live cd on my 64M Compaq Presario 1650.

    The homepage is http://minino.galpon.org/wiki/doku.php if you are interested.

  3. Garrett

    You could also use Zim Wiki in something like Dropbox (or any web host). I love the simple yet fully functional design. I also see that you already know about it since it’s on your software page…

  4. jstolle

    I really like the concept there, and I will definitely use it as a reference as I move toward a completely console life. And I will likely emulate it with something similar at some point, though I am pretty sure my execution will look and feel different. Thank you for yet another source of inspiration!


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