Relatively frilly, relatively sparse: tload

Here’s one you might not have known you had: tload.

That’s it lurking in the upper left corner, with the simple display of hyphens and asterisks. Not very fancy, but most of the best tools are clean and simple.

You get a graphical display of the system load, customizable only to a tiny degree, and not much compared to what some other system monitors will give you.

But the nice thing is, it seems to be quite common. I’ve checked both Debian and Arch now, and both of them (apparently) have it by default.

So if you’re like me, and you understand load averages but find them quite dull, tload is a little more interesting to look at. Not much, but a little. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Relatively frilly, relatively sparse: tload

  1. technologyunit

    As of late “top” has become a friend when all else fails. It is great being able to figure out which program froze my computer and kill it from the terminal quickly.

  2. nico

    It’s part of procps (ps, free, uptime), so it should be available on most systems. Except for the really small ones that use busybox.

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