A monospace font beauty pageant

I got a note the other day from Sam Block about the Tamsyn font, which is a beautiful little arrangement in a nice array of small point sizes.

Tamsyn’s only shortcoming, and one that Sam pointed out, is that it lacks a lot of the line drawing characters that make things like mc fun to look at. Without them … it’s interesting, to say the least.

Looking at that brings up a couple of other fonts that should get attention. Here’s erusfont, which only has two sizes in Arch but is remarkably clear, even at the smallest.

Personally, I’m a strict Terminus fan.

That, to me, is perfect. Of course, the hard part about fonts is that these days, most are intended for use on a graphical desktop. So short of converting them (somehow), most are trapped under Xorg.

For example, here’s Dina.

Very clean and upright. Dina is cute, but I can’t seem to find a font file that will open in a pure framebuffer terminal session. Of course, there are ways around that.

Here’s another one: GohuFont.

Also clean and straight. This next one is ugly as sin to me: FixedSys.

I don’t see the appeal there, unless I’m looking for something as homage to first-generation MacIntoshes. Here’s Monte Carlo though, which is quite nice.

I could learn to love that. This last one comes in about a thousand different flavors and arrangements: Proggy.

That’s just one of the several thousand that you get in Arch when you ask for the one. It’s like a free buffet.

There are some other fonts that are interesting, if you’re working in a text-only arrangement. Inconsolata is quite attractive, the downside for me being the fact that it seems to be unworkable in a terminal. And I get some smearing here and there.

But I think I’ll stick with Terminus for now. If Tamsyn picks up line-drawing characters I might jump ship, but for now this is the best for me. πŸ˜‰


15 thoughts on “A monospace font beauty pageant

  1. technologyunit

    This is sort of related, and perhaps you will have an answer, but In Kubuntu when writing in a post the text decides to do something contrary to system settings. Now I know your main web-browser is textual so you probably don’t see it to often but have you ever had a similar problem? Of Any sort.

    Favorite font: Ubuntu (very origonal)


  2. ancientforest

    I love Terminus, too. Sadly, it does not include some unusual glyphs I require. I’ve actually grown to like:


    I’d been curious about Tamsyn. Nice not to have discover for myself that it lacks line art glyphs. Thanks!

  3. PeterStJ

    I like Monaco. It is fixed width but still looks too gorgeous for the console, so I use if in my IDE

  4. Matthew

    Hmm.. I have been trying to discover how to change console fonts based on your recent post, on my gNewSense (Debian-squeeze-based) system). I found the “consolechars” command which works for changing to pre-loaded fonts, but when trying to use new fonts, the command outputs the error: “read_simple_font(): Bad font file format” Are you using a different command to change fonts? Are there additional steps required to add new fonts?

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      For me? Well, Ray … probably 486 or before. I haven’t even seen a nonworking 486 in years, let alone a working one. I’d love to try to get one working, but I have a feeling it will be a while before I see another. 😦 Almost sad, that is. …

  5. Scott

    Hi, thanks for mentioning Tamsyn font. It is still very much in active development. Line drawing characters are coming soon.
    – Scott

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  7. scott

    FYI – I’ve now added line drawing chars to Tamsyn font. Its still what I’d call “beta”, but the feedback has been positive. Next stop: full CP437 and ISO8859-1 coverage, and a version for Mac.

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