Bring out the rack!

A couple more photos, just to see if I can make my fellow geeks jealous.


I am nearing critical mass in terms of the number of homeless computers I’ve taken in. This wheeled shelf and a rather pricey six-slot power strip seem to keep things organized though.

My wiring and strapping isn’t the best, but I wanted something I could keep organized and still pull apart at a moment’s notice.

Clockwise from upper left, the big dog of the rack, the 2.5Ghz Celeron, which is the media center for the house. Right now the palmrests are the only places those speakers will really fit.

Next to it is the scallywag 700Mhz Celeron, which looks a little better after a cleaning.

One odd thing about this machine, if you look close, is that the speakers are actually mounted on the hinge. It means the lid doesn’t block the sound when it’s closed. Ironic, therefore, that they sound awful. 🙄

Below that is the Pentium — the torrent slave and in-house nfs server. That’s what I use to pass stuff between machines, and is also where I keep my collection of ripped DVDs.

Finally, at lower left is the Mebius, which is really just resting there after being a surrogate two or three times over the past week or so.

Oddly enough, it was just as useful (although dreadfully slow) to install Debian for the Celeron on that machine, as it was to install it for the 120Mhz Pentium I’m using now. Of course, that means the Celeron is running i486 Debian. …

Altogether, my desk is pleasantly free of junk right now.

A clean desk is the sign of a disturbed mind. 😈

Of course, if things get any more dense in here I’m going to need to free up that bottom rack, and trap some computers there. That, however, could trigger the herd to panic. … 😯


6 thoughts on “Bring out the rack!

  1. Hippytaff

    Again, inspired I am!! When I get the time, probably when my small children go to university, I’ll be able to do something like this – only another 18 years 🙄

    Also, I keep getting handed old laptops, I’ve got three knocking around a fourth on the way and an old desktop that I’m going to use as a fileserver as soon as I get time…If I pay for a plane ticket do you fancy setting it all up for me while I get hassled by kids and wife 😀

  2. Adrian

    I don’t know why but I find clean (nearly sterile) work environments to have a really eerie and creepy mood/atmosphere.

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