Is this a dagger which I see before me?

I am still searching for that elusive program, the one that does mass file renaming based on the tags in mp3 or ogg files. I know, I am holding out on a very long shot.

I should’ve just written it myself. The time it would have taken me to learn to program and build it the way I wanted … well, it probably would be done by now. And it would be better than this one. πŸ™„

I’ve come close though, with the recommendation of dagger, as a Python renaming tool that uses “conventional” variables to match the information stored in music files.

For all practical purposes it’s just as functional and useful as something like EasyTag, and requires a mere fraction of the support libraries.

It’ll search for missing fields, set fields en masse, normalize titles, recurse subdirectories and so forth and so on. Most everything you could want is probably here.

My complaint? Well … it’s not really an application in the way something like wyrd or irssi or moc are applications.

It hasn’t got an interface — a text user interface, so to speak. It’s just a command line tool.

And that’s fine, I suppose. Some of the best gadgets out there are simple one-line tools that start and finish with no more than a few letters and a flag or two.

Still. … 😐

P.S.: Lucky me, there’s a prebuilt deb package. Ah, the luxury of being a Debian user. By the way, you’ll still need vorbis-tools if you want it to actually do something to your ogg files. πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Is this a dagger which I see before me?

  1. chris

    so kmandla dislikes CLI (command line interface) applications, and likes TUI (text user interface) applications?

    so thats why we don’t see a lot of interesting one-line snips over here!

    …wow… is a little bit disappointing… but I think you have made references to that fact all the time, so its my fault for not noticing before

  2. yoshi314

    there was id3 cli tool for that. i had in on arch, but i am not sure which one was that exactly (there are numerous packages providing it).

    i doubt it could recurse directories, but it’s better than nothing.

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