A new and proper avatar

It’s been years now since I found a rather amusing icon on the backwaters of the Internet somewhere, and decided to adopt it as a symbol of … me.

Fact is though, I don’t have license or permission to use the previous image, and as this site becomes more prominent (I laugh as I write that), I start to wonder if perhaps a freer image is important.

So I approached a semiprofessional artist sometime last year, and “commissioned” an original work to serve as a symbol. This one is fully owned by me, without any strictures or terms from the artist.

And it has replaced the old caricature, in the few places I use it. I am releasing the old image completely and hopefully avoiding any ownership issue that might have come about.

At the same time, I am really like the new image, for capturing the essence of what the old one meant to me, and at the same time adding an accent that the old one lacked.

This might not be much to clamor about, when the image is generally displayed in a 90-pixel square, it’s an important moment in local history. Inasmuch as this site is a “home.” ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “A new and proper avatar

    1. Foz

      No, he simply recompiles with different settings, and eventually he’ll hit the jackpot. That happened a while ago with his laptop speakers, and I think it took him about 2 years to finally get the right settings.

  1. psykotedy

    I like it. Coincidentally, I’ve watched The Last Samurai four times in the past five days.

  2. sertse

    Does this mean we can also use the image for our own things?

    Not thatI’musing it to pretend I’m Kmandla ๐Ÿ˜›


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