A couple (or four) free games

I am somewhat short on time today, but I should make note that opening an account at gog.com, like I did last week, I got four games for free. Two of them I recognized.


On the left, Beneath a Steel Sky, which is a point-and-click adventure game along the lines of … oh goodness, just about anything that predates 3D acceleration.

On the right, Tyrian, which is a top-down shooter in the vein of Spy Hunter or 1942 or Ikaruga or … there are too many to mention.

I’ve played both of them before, probably because BASS is in the repositories for Ubuntu, and because somewhere along the line I heard about the OpenTyrian project. And the game has been freeware since 2004, I believe.

The funny part is, since one runs via scummvm and the other via dosbox, “installing” the games through the gog.com installer means you can run them directly from within Linux, using those tools straightaway. Kind of wacky.

Anyway, there were two other games I didn’t recognize, and when I have time ( 😆 ) I might try them out. It’ll be a while: I have my current re-obsession with Icewind Dale to consider. 😀


5 thoughts on “A couple (or four) free games

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  2. Hippytaff

    Is this why there’s no post for the 7th 😉

    I can’t talk, I only just manage to muster up the effort to post on my blog once a week let alone every day 🙂

    I’m lazy

      1. Hippytaff

        No need to apologise, I know how it is, though my lunch breaks are not the same without the delightful Linux insights you provide – looking forward to your work schedule settling down 😀


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