distcc: Still no luck

This is about the third time now that I’ve tried to configure distcc between my 120Mhz Pentium running Crux, and my core duo running Arch. And sadly, it’s the third time I’ve failed.

I can configure the machines individually, but for some reason nothing is ever transferred between the two. The network is functioning, but the prt-get or pkgmk commands still build locally.

I’ve been over the wiki pages for both Crux and Arch on the subject, but to no avail. I even dug up a few third-party howtos and blog posts, but nothing seems to work.

As usual, I will blame my own misbegotten systems and configurations that occasionally get in the way. In most cases it looks like a simple one- or two-line adjustment to get it going.

But not for me. I can suffer for a while. I lasted five years without it, I can probably last a little longer. 🙄


2 thoughts on “distcc: Still no luck

  1. chive

    You can always replace /usr/bin/gcc symlink with one pointing to /usr/bin/distcc, this worked in Slackware for me and should fool system properly… If other machines are offline it will compile locally instead anyway.
    For manual compiling of various packages I also simply exported CC variable like this: ‘export CC=/usr/bin/distcc’
    Never used anything to manage ports though… I prefer to keep it in my head 🙂
    Does it work if you compile things without prt-get or pkgmk?
    Once you manage to get it working you’ll never try to compile things on pentium alone again, I had my Toshiba 440CDT (p133 mmx) coupled with old pentium4 2.6 and it did wonders 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Gemon

    mmm, just succeded in using distcc on my linux box at home (pentium 2 350MHz) and my virtual archlinux host on my core i5 work laptop…
    All in all it’s pretty easy. That’s what I did (both run archlinux, but I didn’t follow the wiki…just plain old manual compilation):

    – pacman -S distcc on all hosts
    – on the ‘big’ one (the virtual host laptop, hostname vbox), login as a normal user and do:
    # distcc -daemon –allow
    – on the ‘small’ one (the p2-350), just do
    # export DISTCC_HOSTS=’localhost vbox’
    – cd to sources (I used as an example util-linux-ng 2.18 sources)
    – ./configure (usually)
    # make -j8 CC=distcc

    if everything works the client (where you started the make) won’t tell you anything if it is correctly distributing compilation work units. But you can easily see them by running htop on the other host…

    have fun!


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