Worth repeating: nethogs

The end-of-the-year press is upon me, so I have less and less time in the coming week to experiment. As a post for today, I’ll mention nethogs — sort of again, since Parka mentioned it first in a comment last week.

There are a bazillion console network monitors available in Linux systems, and I’ve seen a lot of them. It’s nice to find one though, that will sort its display by process.

That means you can usually see the program that is specifically accessing the network interface. It’s a subtle, but impressive effect.

Beyond that, nethogs but has a sprinkling of options that will affect the output in a way you might like. Take a look and see if it appeals to you.

Two down, +/- 398 to go. … 😯

3 thoughts on “Worth repeating: nethogs

  1. Parka

    Also a very simple but detailed and useful command is
    “lsof | grep -e TCP -e UDP”. It shows all connections of running applications. I have this as an alias in my .bashrc:
    “alias connections=”lsof | grep -e TCP -e UDP” “

    1. dej10

      That command is useful indeed, thanks!

      Back when I was using Windows I was using DU Meter for network monitoring. On Linux I have been using nethogs ever since, but it could never quite replace it.


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