pktstat, and a really big list

Quite by accident today I stumbled across one of the biggest lists of Linux administration tools I’ve ever found. Technically it’s in French, but I can promise that won’t be a hindrance.

It’s neatly arranged and split into groups in the form of an interactive mind map, but I’ve already exported it, converted it to plain text, stripped out the titles and spliced them with my own list in hnb.

There must be hundreds there — not all of them console tools of course, but certainly more than enough to keep me busy for a long, long time to come.

I’ve already found one I like quite well — a small network monitor called pktstat (yes, I know that link doesn’t work).

I’ve run through a dozen network monitors in the past year or so, and I keep both slurm and iftop on my machine just for times when I want to see who’s in the area.

pktstat has a slightly different arrangement but does you the favor of capturing a little information about each transfer, so you have a better clue as to what’s what.

The source code might be a little tricky to find; there’s an entry in AUR for pktstat but downloading the source code yields a 404. Luckily it’s mirrored in a dozen other places; Google can help you out here.

So, armed with both pktstat and a list of about 400 new applications to try out, I think I am ready to wade into the new decade. 😯

18 thoughts on “pktstat, and a really big list

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I could … but everything I have on my list is already in the larger list, and you can get a clean, formatted version by exporting the information from that page. Is that a better idea? 🙂

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  4. Off Topic

    Thank’s! It also work on OSX/Leopard but you’ll have a problem while compiling the package.

    The error you’ll get is the following:

    In file included from /usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:71,
    from ether.c:38:
    /usr/include/net/if_arp.h:79: error: redefinition of ‘struct arphdr’

    As mentioned in, if you temporary comment the line “#include ” in /usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h (through a “sudo su -“), you can compile the package and install it.

    Once done, clean your hack in your system include file.

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