That’s why they call it a koan

Just a short note this morning: I have to admit I found this Unix koan particularly amusing.

I am a little disappointed in myself though. I spend pages and pages of digital real estate explaining the natural efficiency of text-based systems, and someone else can condense it into a brief and pointed story. 😐

I have much to learn. :mrgreen:

Take your time and skim through some of the other koans on that site. While I can’t vouch for their metaphysical value, they are at least an interesting way to look at the art of computing.

Thanks to cantrell for sending it along. 😉

4 thoughts on “That’s why they call it a koan

  1. Vladimir

    I came up with a sequel (not that lyric though);

    After making his way out of a trash bin, the programmer said “aos dash z slash k”. Master Foo raised his left eyebrow.

    “zzs exclamation sign o dash dash y” — he went on; Master Foo turned his head towards the programmer.

    The programmer concluded “kkk \”Master Foo\”” and, moments after, Master Foo was on his Great Way of Unix into /dev/null.


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