A retro retro desktop facelift

Now that everything is up and online and business is more or less back to normal, I realized I had gotten a little tired of looking at this …

And instead decided to put this together.


Well that’s a giant leap forward. 🙄 Nothing like swirling together a vague tribute to an IceBuntu desktop, which was itself a vague tribute to the old Feisty Fawn desktop. Yeah, I’m really going out on a limb there.

Ah well. I’ve never suggested I was particularly avant-garde. My interest lies with resurrecting the hardware, not designing the desktops. 😐

On the other hand, I see now that ConnochaetOS has IceWM and a few other additions in its repository; I may see how this behaves at 150Mhz. Probably not good, but worth checking. Science! :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “A retro retro desktop facelift

  1. llewton

    Well.. at least you tried 😀
    Seriously, that’s a pity fluxbuntu died. Or maybe not, it’s easy to build.

  2. duken

    IceWM and Fluxbox are slow but at decent speed on a Jornada 690 of the JLime distro. They’ve done a great job on those. That’s on a 110MHz SH RISC CPU with 32MB of RAM, so on a Pentium that may translate into something even slightly better.

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