Three months is not a bad run

At long last, finally, as things go, my neighbor’s installation of Linux Mint LXDE spun out of control into a digital fireball and splattered against the cold hard surface of reality.

Just for review, about three months ago I offered Mint for the 2.2Ghz Celeron, and was flabbergasted when I never heard anything else about it. Apparently it was working without interference or demand for months on end.

Which made me quite happy. Any time a day-to-day computer user can enjoy Linux without relying on day after day of unprofessional tech support (or professional tech support, now that I think about it) … well, that’s a good thing.

But all good things come to an end, and something — possibly a system update or perhaps a stray system setting — caused a splintering of that pretty little green world, and now it just constantly returns to the login screen.

I suspect something in the core graphics card libraries, but neither I nor my neighbor is keen on tracking down something teeny and discreet over the course of days, in hopes of bringing it back.

Instead, a fresh installation of Mint is in order. First a proper weeding out of the home directory and an emigration to an external drive. Then a system check and a reinstall, and a full update from there.

And if all goes well, then files and data will be restored.

Personally, I have faith. Mint LXDE made enough of an impression on the owner to ask for the same thing again, and I concur this time. That’s a grand total of two thumbs up.

Little hiccups like this can happen to anyone, on any machine. But three straight months with absolutely zero attendance from me … good grief, but that’s very rare. For me, anyway. 😀

10 thoughts on “Three months is not a bad run

  1. Ken

    very nice, this just goes to show that when people actually try the alternative they find out “hey this isn’t so bad”. Plus less work for the maintainer is ALWAYS a good thing.

    1. Adrian

      Mint has the added advantage that, when you install it, that’s it. No Flash, java (?) or w32codecs to mess with. Even Ubuntu needs some extra steps which may be too annoying for some end users.

  2. LeoSolaris

    Congrats! To you and your neighbor.

    I understand just what an accomplishment having no help for three months with a totally new system is. When I gave my wife Ubuntu a year or so ago, it took about two weeks before I had to do something to it. Granted it was only an update because she forgot about it…

    (She is now up to using Arch on her own. I am rather impressed!)

  3. x33a

    When i saw the title in my feed, i first thought that your cf card went kaput 😛

    Maybe you can install mint-debian on your neighbour’s computer, if he’s feeling more comfortable with linux now, and is keen on the latest software.

    1. steve

      Or a decent OS. Ubuntu is a badly patched fork of Debian and only gets worse with age. Clem does an awesome job but there’s only so much you can achieve with a rotten base.

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