An impending move

I first should apologize for the scarcity of posts over the last week or so. There is a reason for that; unfortunately it’s pinned to some real-life changes that have an impact on the topics of this blog.

I am anticipating a move in the next month or so. After three years at the same job and in the same house, I have about a month before most everything is uprooted and I shift to a new location.

I won’t give too many details, but I can say that I will still be in Japan. I enjoy the culture and people — particularly when compared to my native culture — and so I plan to stay a while longer.

It does mean there is a possible gap in “service” in the coming weeks though. I anticipate, for the mean time, to continue daily updates, but if there is a break, you’ll know why.

The other implication though, is to make me wonder if I shouldn’t prune my collection of antiques a little, and lighten my load before I move.

There are some obvious things that need dispersal — I have about three times as many network cards as computers, for example. And one or two of my machines don’t even need external network cards.

And there is the traditional and unavoidable collection of junk that comes with the hobby. Wire wraps. Empty boxes. Stacks of burned but unused ISOs.

I am sifting through the stuff nowadays, and the excess will make its way to the recycle shop. Which is where a lot of it came from.

The irony lies in knowing that, in my new location, there will probably be a similar shop, with similar junk, and I’ll no doubt bring home the same stuff again. 🙄


9 thoughts on “An impending move

  1. Robert Hickman

    Hay K.Mandla, ever thought about sharing some more of you life stories here? You have lived as a foreigner in Japan for years, yet you rarely talk about it. Surely you have more interesting stories to share.

  2. mrreality

    I wish you well with your move and hope it all goes smooth and easy.
    I feel ya on the collection of “stuff” im in my place 5 ys now small apt and its getting a lil cluttered and may have to move my self next spring,rumors apt complex may go condo and im not about to pay $175,000 usd for a 700 sq foot 40 yr old place with a proposed $200 a month homeownes condo fee.
    Good luck.

  3. steve

    FWIW, as I have learned the hard way, always, always, always keep your spares. Doesn’t matter if you have 100x more network cards than machines, the day you get rid of one is the day before you absolutely need it again. Thankfully I live in NZ where space isn’t at the same premium as Japan (my partner is Japanese and I have been a few times).

    Good luck on the move 🙂

  4. Glenn Becker

    In my experience, moving always sucks, so I wish you all the best.

    I don’t know if there is anything peculiar to the process in Japan that may make it suck more or less …

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