Two new wireless cards

I haven’t mentioned a pair of PCMCIA wireless network cards I brought home the other day, mostly because they were only slightly different from the ones I already have.

The recycle shop yielded up a Corega CG-WLPCCL11 as well as a Logitec Skylink LAN-WAG/CB. The Corega card is limited to B range, but the Logitec is marked for G and A access as well.

The reason I say they’re only slightly different is that the one uses the orinoco module, and the other is ath5k-driven. And considering I already have two cards with those guts, there haven’t been many surprises.

I do notice that the Logitec card tends to freeze when used in the Mebius, but doesn’t when used in the 133Mhz Pentium, so it might be a hardware inconsistency that’s causing it.

The Corega card however, is just as reliable and flexible as the Linksys card I own, and for that reason I consider it a worthy addition to my small collection.

And since both of them appeared in the store in their original boxes and with all their paraphernalia, I can hardly quibble at a price tag of around US$4 each. Thank goodness for cheap hobbies. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Two new wireless cards

  1. mtc

    Do you have a link to your recycle shop? Am interested in getting more use out of used computers and what other communities are doing about the problem of e-waste.


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