Oh great, another addiction: OpenRA

I’ve said before I’m not a huge gamer, but this is really great stuff.

I was never a giant Red Alert fan; I played it enough times to have a few fond memories, but not anything that would cause a crying fit.

On the other hand, OpenRA is a fantastic rendition. Sound effects, graphics and game play are all subtle mimics of what I remember from the original game.

It is, however, obviously a work in progress. Some of the sophisticated units, for example, are labeled “TODO,” and here and there debug messages pop up. And I don’t remember attack dogs chewing up concrete walls.

And it needs a few embellishments that seem lacking, given RTS games in the current day and age. Just to illustrate, it would be nice to have some patrol commands, or grouping functions. I can’t seem to find those.

But none of that impedes an otherwise exceptional game, even in this early state. And Arch users in particular can rejoice: For once, a downloadable package specific to the distro. :mrgreen:

7 thoughts on “Oh great, another addiction: OpenRA

    1. Matthew

      There is a Mono trademark notice on the website because we legally have to give that notice when we use it on our website.

      Novell is well with in their rights to trademark their product names, whether they’re Open Source or not.

  1. Leo Solaris

    Awesome! Arch managed to get enough popularity to have devs pre-package .tar.xz. Very nice indeed. Interestingly enough the package seems to pull from their git repo, so reinstalling it should grab the latest… I think? Or do we need to stay on top of the updates?

    1. Matthew

      That’s because one of the devs uses Arch-Linux and recognises its superiority over other distributions 😉

      You will need to download and install new versions as they come out. Working on a better update solution as we speak.

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  3. neddludd

    Brings back memories of upgrading to a pentium 133 and playing this non stop , using dialup modem to have games with mates etc
    c&c,redalert,redalert 2, Total annihilation,dark reign…

    Will definately try this just to observe how a RTS project like this goes


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