No Flash? No problem:

I keep short notes to myself in vimwiki, and if I see something fun or something that might be useful later, I tack on the site or the explanation, plus a few words to remind myself of it.

The only thing I wrote next to the Web address for was “Very cool.”

And it is very cool, and not just to me. leo_rockway mentioned it in a different context about a week ago, and since then I’ve pointed it out to two or three other people, all with the same reactions: “Very cool.”

Flash is an annoyance really. Like the lightbox effect, it too often takes the place of real content and becomes the focus. I think somewhere in a university somewhere, budding Web designers are being taught that Flash is god’s gift to the Internet.

And it’s not really. It’s an impediment and an obstacle, even if it does allow you to watch snails race.

Point being, you don’t have to “taint” your system with it, if your scruples don’t allow it. Paste the URL of the snail race into, wait two or three minutes and presto! Your HTML5-capable browser will show it as an embedded movie.

No codecs. No proprietary players. No mystery code invading your system. Nothing more to install except probably something like Firefox, which you might already have in place in your distro.

And to that, what more can you say except, “Very cool.”

6 thoughts on “No Flash? No problem:

  1. x33a

    And for times when you do need a flash video, i have found a good solution for us cli lovers.

    Today i was searching for a flash video downloader, i use video download helper addon for firefox, but want to get rid of it (less bloat). so after some searching i found this:

    I was skeptical about it, but after some usage i found that it works pretty well, even for non-youtube sites.

    Installed it from aur on my arch machine. You should take a look.

  2. anon

    For some reason. Flash is borked on SeaMonkey, but not FF, even when they share it. Everything else works, so it’a YT’s fault.

    I just don’t watch YT thanks to this.

  3. leo_rockway

    Wow, I get mentioned in this awesome blog ^_^

    In my previous comment I said that the original app I wrote was lousy, but I neglected to mention that the code has, of course, been fixed and improved a lot, not only by me, but by fr33mind and OsamaK (and probably other people).

    My app (WatchVideo) supports many sites, while TinyOGG only supports Vimeo and YouTube for now, but making it support more sites would be pretty simple.

    Just one thing: there’s a typo in the URL to my site. You put /ar/ and it’s .ar/


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