Those ads

Just a note right now, and not anything that is critical or pressing.

If you’re seeing ads while you visit this site, I feel obliged to mention that they are not my doing. forcibly inserts ads, whether the host wants them or not, into the site body.

It’s something that’s completely outside my control, but it’s how they make money. I get none of it. Please don’t e-mail me to say, “I really like your site, but I find the ads annoying.”

Because I will reply with a terse, “I’m glad you like the site, but get an ad blocker.” 😈


5 thoughts on “Those ads

  1. Peter

    You should use one of those old laptops to run bucktooth and serve this all on a nice ad free phlog

  2. anon

    But all the coolness of WordPress, his/her ISP, the job switching, deaths (RIP Thinkpad) it’d be tricky.

    Plus I don’t want to install Overbite. HTTP is where it’s at 😛


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