Screenshots from 120Mhz

I have a few moments this morning, and I’ve been stacking up screenshots just for kicks. Here are a few from the slowest machine in the house — a 120Mhz Pentium Classic running Crux Linux on 80Mb at 800×600.

screen with the vertical split patch is what makes this fun; if you want to put that together look here, and if you want to get started swapping panes around, look here.

Here’s one from a couple days ago, when I was wasting time playing Crawl while watching my e-mail and the #archlinux channel.

It’s a good layout for wasting time, keeping the larger window in focus while adding a few smaller options within reach around the sides.

Here’s something I do sometimes, when I’m testing software or converting between PKGBUILDs and Pkgfiles.

ncdu is running there only because it shows the size of the directories in the ports tree; mc is what I really need to manage crashed compilations or shift quickly between other folders. At the bottom, where I can edit and compile and see if things worked.

I am ashamed to admit it, but when I write up posts for this site, I have a tendency to do one of two things.

dict is running at the bottom, along with charm at the left and elinks in the middle, so I can bounce between them both as I write. On the right is ticker, which is fun to have running.

I sometimes just do this though.

A simple four-way split this time, which is quick and easy to set up, and can pop applications in and out at a whim. Some programs rebel if they’re asked to appear in such small dimensions, but those are exceptions, not the rule.

One small bonus: the Crux server in the closet, running at an ungodly 133Mhz on a mere 32Mb, and keeping the whole house connected at the same time.

That’s mostly just for fun there though. Usually I use ssh to connect and manage that machine, so the actual physical screen shows nothing. That picture is taken across the network, using the fonts and screen dimensions of the slower machine.

That’s all for now. I should have a little more free time by the middle of the week, and maybe I can publish something substantial. 🙄


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