Happy fourth birthday

Four years seems like a long time. The first World War lasted four years. Four years is an American presidency. Four years is a cycle of Olympic sports, and World Cup championships. Most higher education systems are a four-year term: A person can leave secondary school and pass through tertiary education in that time. Four years is eight Ubuntu releases. There are lots of other things.

Add this blog to that list now. I am ashamed to admit that for four years now, I’ve jotted daily and sometimes more-than-daily notes about Linux, et al., to this site.

For better or for worse that means over 1,600 posts (I think this one is number 1,614), 8,500 comments and very nearly 2,000,000 page views (which unfortunately includes the spammers).

It’s been an interesting run — and don’t worry, it’s not finished yet. I don’t have a very high opinion of blogging, but I’ll admit that I’m not likely to quit soon. From the start this site was — and still is today — is a tool to remind me of things I did and how things worked, and I started it because it was the most obvious method at the time. If you also glean some benefit from it, then we are both lucky.

In any case, cheers and thanks for stopping by.

P.S.: Obligatory link to the otherwise-hidden “first post”.


19 thoughts on “Happy fourth birthday

  1. Aberinkulas

    I love your blog. It’s a great read every time it floats into my RSS feed, because it reminds me that our new and fancy computer world isn’t so great after all, and that yesterday was (or is?) just as good.

    Keep the words flowing.

  2. x33a

    Great work. Keep on introducing us to new light-weight apps 😀

    nearly 2,000,000 page views (which unfortunately includes the spammers).

    lol @ spammers.

  3. supulton

    never commented before, but might as well since i read your blog all the time. very interesting blog, and your rants are always relevant and insightful. keep it up!

  4. Ninad Bapat

    Great going K Mandla.

    Although a late follower of your blog (maybe from late 2009), I enjoy it thoroughly.
    Reading your blog inspired me to experiment with a Dell C600 lying idle in my house

    Keep the posts coming aplenty

    N.B. Just a coincidence last week just out of curiosity delved deep in to your blog to check your first post.


    1. mrreality

      i just picked one of them up a few weeks ago p3@750 mhz/386 ram/60 gig hd/nice lil machine for what i paid ,40 usd.Have the newest puppy on it atm -seems to like it so far,may up the ram soon however

      1. mulenmar

        That’s an incredible price — last time I checked, the average price on eBay was ~US$200!

        Of course, I was checking on one identical to what I’ve got, and that has an 850MHz P3. . .

  5. Prinzzchavo

    Actually, I am impressed… only four years, and you are already that well-known? Actually, that encourages other people to do the same (including myself)

    Keep up the good work, I’m sure some of those spammers switched to cheaper, 10 years-old technology too!

  6. sigtermer

    Well written linux posts on a daily bases. That’s why your blog is the only linux blog I’m subscribed to. In fact, this blog is the only (semi)periodic linux-related publication I read.

    Thank you for a great job, and keep publishing those great post 🙂


  7. Reidar

    Congrats! I love your blog, and it I try not to miss a single post. I especially like what you write about command line apps, but mostly everything is enjoyable. So, keep up the good works 🙂


  8. Zoev

    Thanks for all the interesting articles.
    I actually think because you were once a journalist and understand the flaws in blogging (oh-look-at-me syndrome) you are able to instead write basic informative work.
    It’s what your readers love.
    Hope to see 5 years soon!

  9. anticapitalista

    Congratluations and thanks for your posts. Very enjoyable and educational.

    keep it up!

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