Well said

I have been spending a lot of time in Debian these days, as might be expected considering this. And without sounding sappy, it was nice to revisit the guidelines for free software and the Debian Social Contract.

I think I read them a long time ago, probably when I was starting out with Ubuntu. And like all newcomers, it sounded good but was quickly forgotten. Finding them again was a pleasant experience.

I like that they’re quick and clean and to the point. I admire concise writing, mostly because I am a blabbermouth at the keyboard.

But I also like that they seem to encapsulate most of what I value in free software. I like programs that don’t attempt to control me, for example, and I would guess that I learned that and a few other principles as a consequence of “growing up” in the wake of Debian.

So for what it’s worth, a quick thanks to Debian for setting up core values to follow. I don’t know if they’ll always be in line with my own philosophies, but I expect they will always come very close.

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