figlet and asciimo and a little irony

I love figlet. Everybody I know loves figlet. There’s nothing not to love.

Except … it would be nice if I could quickly and efficiently skim through the available fonts — both the standard and additional sets. Yes, I know there is a nifty kilometer-long page available that shows them all in alphabetical order, but it would be nice to dump some sample text and press a button to see what they look like.

Enter asciimo, which runs nicely in your standard graphical browser to let you skip through the fonts, check differences, enter unique text and even design some text art, if you’re patient. What you create you can cut-and-paste out of asciimo and into another location (like cadubi), which may or may not be easier than running the same text through figlet itself.

It’s a pretty nifty tool and if I understand right, it is rather creative example of web-focused programming. My only complaint? It doesn’t seem to work in my text-based browser. Oh, the irony. … 😀

2 thoughts on “figlet and asciimo and a little irony

  1. Tyler

    Here’s a one-liner I used to preview the fonts included with Debian’s figlet package:

    for i in /usr/share/figlet/*.flf; do echo ${i}; figlet -f ${i} foo BAR 123; done

    Thanks for the asciimo tip!



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