Short and sweet: cwm

A while back, when I looked at Slax, I found an oddball little window manager listed among the options in the Fluxbox right click menu: mwm. I’d never heard of mwm, but after searching for it, I found a completely different one — cwm.

The man pages are rather sparse, but those and the home page suggest it has ties to both evilwm and plan9, in a roundabout way. As you can see I hadn’t much of a chance to use it to its fullest potential, but I can see where this might also be attractive for an X-based console system. The screenshot on the home page is more convincing.

For my own part I am still a fan of Musca, if I have to push a machine to use Xorg at all. But if you’re looking for a new window manager that’s out of the ordinary, cwm might be an idea.

P.S.: And for what it’s worth, mwm is the old Motif window manager. Probably. 🙄

6 thoughts on “Short and sweet: cwm

    1. gullars

      Well, i3 is more similar to wmii than musca, musca is a lot more easy to use for piecing off the screen for what you really want, with i3 I always have to remap all the keyes, and then I crave for the ease and minimalism that is in musca, but that is me, and my point of view though.

      On another point, I have just started to have to use puppy linux because my japanese ISP was doing something with the servers so only puppy can connect for some reason, and I have started to like JWM a bit, as far as a stacking manager goes it isn’t bad, just that I miss my arch-setup a lot.

  1. InTheMiddleOfTheAtlantic

    If I remember correctly, OpenBSD has picked up development on cwm and installs it by default.

    I am hoping that you will give “scrotwm” a try. I would like see what you think of it, as I intend to install it in the near future.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      No, I’m afraid I don’t. I know Slax is very closely wound around KDE though, so it might be that some core libraries are intertwined. It would be best to check with the Slax community on that one.


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