Antique computer collections

I wish I had more pictures to show of rehab projects for out-of-date hardware. The last one, the 286 machine Remy was restoring, was a lot of fun. Occasionally I pick up a new-old machine and clean it, but it’s more interesting to see other people fix them up.

In the mean time there is a fun thread in the Ubuntu Forums showing a lot of obsolete computers in clusters or collections. I added my oldest machine — the one I type on right now — but that seems to be where the discussion sputtered. If you have a snapshot you can share, I am sure it would be appreciated. 😉


2 thoughts on “Antique computer collections

  1. Ibrahim Ghazal

    About a month ago, I got rid of an about-10-years-old desktop computer, it had a 600Mhz Celeron CPU, 20GB HDD, 384MB RAM. It was fully functional, the CD and floppy drives were working, and it could even run an old version of Ubuntu (Lucid couldn’t run on it though.) Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures.

    I used to record TV on it (with an added TV tuner PCI card,) but I bought an amazing Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD (which has a MIPS CPU and could runs uClinux,) the old computer was just sitting there collecting dust.

    Now, looking at what other people collected, I feel kinda guilty. In comparison to the computers on that thread, my computer seems pretty modern.

    But then, I gave it to charity, so I feel less guilty.

    But then, I feel sorry for whoever going to get it. Its power supply fan sounds like car motor, and they’re going to have a hard time if the keyboard or mouse broke (AT keyboards and serial mice are not exactly easy to find.)


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