Arch Crux grub boot image wallpaper

I’ll add this today, just as a quick afterthought. The wallpaper in that final picture from the ill-fated Celeron was a quick touch-up job to the grub boot splash image that comes with Crux Linux.


I like that it’s fairly simple and put the focus in the lower right corner, which was good for those fbterm-screen hybrids: I have no proof, but it seems like most of my “desktops” were empty in the lower right corner. But having an Arch desktop scream “Crux!” is a little silly, so I just painted over it with the Gimp, put the same size text and font in at the same angle, and saved it to a different file format.

Hardly any work involved. But because most Crux 2.6 installations come with two possible grub menu backgrounds, here is the other, also cut to fit 1024×768 and in a different file format.

Not the same, and not much my favorite for being a little different. But it might appeal to you. If you want the words “Arch” in there, you have to do it yourself though. šŸ˜ˆ

P.S.: Yes, I deliberately gave this post a strange title. :mrgreen:


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