In praise of PLoP

The shortest posts I seem to have are always for the tools that are the quickest, most efficient and most effective. PLoP Bootmanager is one of those things, and for that reason, I’m afraid I don’t have much to say about it.

A long time ago I kept Smart BootManager on hand, for times when a machine wouldn’t boot from a CD. Any more though, PLoP has supplanted it, and won a place in my little CD binder.

It’s mostly useful these days because I would rather not burn a bunch of CDs to get the Celeron to start. Naturally (or I guess I should say, originally) it lacks the ability to boot from a USB drive, but with a PLoP CD, I can boot from USB, floppy or any other media I can stick in the machine.

And on top of that, it has a cool techno font, a starfield background and fading zooming menus. (And yes, you can customize its behavior.) What could be cooler than that? šŸ˜‰

Like everything, it’s not 100 percent perfect; in the past I have used PLoP to boot an external DVDRW over USB, but for example, with the Celeron, it doesn’t quite work. That I blame on the hardware though, and not PLoP itself.

But it’s something that works so well that there’s little I can say in addition. I recommend downloading and burning it to a CD, and keeping it in your closet for those times when you have an old Pentium II that needs a little coaxing. It’s a great tool to have and will save you mounds of time and money on CDs, and both of those things can only be good.

3 thoughts on “In praise of PLoP

  1. Ninad


    PLoP Bootmanager I found this link somehow via slitaz site.
    What an excellent discovery it was
    I could boot my old Dell C600 laptop from usb after writing the PLop bootmanager to floppy
    I was able to load puppy and arch(core) on the laptop.

    Thanks for mentioning it in the blog post


  2. bonico

    I was having trouble with an old CD Reader and this machine couldn’t boot from the USB so this program is the perfect solution

    Thanks a lot and congrats for your blog

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