The Code Monkey script project

Tom Swartz is heading up a small project called Code Monkey, which collects useful scripts into a package. As it stands there are about 10 small scripts in Code Monkey, ranging from bash one-liners, to python scripts that inject Google Reader subscriptions into conky, to a world sunlight map wallpaper fetcher.

The scripts aren’t necessarily intended for command-line only use, although one or two, like the rsync backup script, could run either in a terminal emulator or completely free of a graphical environment.

Tom is looking for suggestions or ideas, and if you have one you’d like to submit (or if you just want to see what he has collected already), you could contact him through the Launchpad page for Code Monkey, or probably catch his eye with a post to this thread in the Ubuntu Forums.


3 thoughts on “The Code Monkey script project

  1. Johan

    Interesting idea, but I have a hard time seeing how this could work. There are just so many possible things you could do with scripts, usually a prepackaged one won’t do what you want. Perhaps good to have as a reference, though.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      True, the possibilities are endless, and at the same time the function of each individual script is rather finite. In that sense it might be worth asking Tom what the focus is, and what criteria he’s using to determine which scripts are selected. If it turns out that the goal is to collect scripts that, maybe, automate some sort of GUI task, then from there, it’s easier to see where to go.

  2. Anonymous Coward, III

    Funny, because a few years ago I hand a similar idea. Somehow I thought giving less experienced people a one-liner or a GUI for a one-liner via some self-written tool in C or using ‘dialog’ or maybe using TCL/Tk. I even thought of something that reads a config file and displays the options using the above mentioned thingies.

    Somehow the urge has vanished… 😉


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