Your leak was weak

I spent a lot of years in the media, but left when I realized it was transmogrifying into something weaker and less credible than it was a generation ago. Occasionally it still amuses me to see what passes for journalism these days, and perhaps more humorously, who count themselves as journalists any more. (Yes, bloggers, I am looking at you.)

At the same time I can’t help being a technophile and a geek, and so the drama around the iPhone leak is doubly entertaining. I don’t have anything pithy to add to the swirl of self-righteous chest-pounding indignation, and the image of Apple’s jackbooted (but stylishly clad) thugs knocking down a door to get back their precious prototype. But I can tell you that if I was going to write anything at all, it would look a lot like — but probably not be as good as — Michael Malone’s chastisement of journalism, public apathy and corporate manhandling.

And with that, I consider the issue to be closed. 😉

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