More stories of stuff

It’s teeny-weeny post day here at K.Mandla’s house, where I clean up all the little dashes of information that seem to cling to my list of things to write about. A long time ago I told you about Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff, and it’s worth mentioning again. At the same time if you want something a little more powerful and a little more artistic and a little more focused, see if you can find a copy of Manufactured Landscapes in your local video store.

For a full-length motion picture that hopes to avoid outright condemnation of materialism, it’s a surprisingly powerful film. It’s not new, and it’s fairly low-key, so you might have to special order it. It will take a different tack from Leonard’s online work, but the ideas and general motive are the same.

P.S.: Thanks to pkm for reminding me of it.

1 thought on “More stories of stuff

  1. forteller

    I would also highly recommend Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It is utterly beautiful and devastating. You can watch the whole thing legally and free here.


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