30 minutes well spent

When you have 30 minutes to burn, the short film Patent Absurdity is worth a look. It gets a bit heavy-handed sometimes, and as can be expected, it might be a little one-sided, but it does an acceptable job of picking over American patent structure and its history.

Of course I say that not knowing word one about either, except for what I see and read by way of using Linux. So my opinion is formed over a very superficial — and probably likewise one-sided — frame of reference. Be that as it may, it’s still worth a half an hour of your life. 😉

3 thoughts on “30 minutes well spent

  1. tetris4

    Hello, new rss reader here =)

    Just pointing out that I agree on everything you said here, I pretty much feel the same way =)

    I watched it too, it’s not that I’ve learned smg new, nor it is a quality documentary, but I think it does it’s purpose in getting people new to this subject into thinking..


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